Introductory forensic science: A team taught approach


Mary DiSano

Author Affiliation: 

Monroe COmmunity College





Forensic Science courses have become increasingly more popular on college campuses due in part to the rising popularity of television shows such as CSI and Law and Order. This type of course is particularly appealing to the non-science major student. Most Forensic Science courses are traditionally housed in the Chemistry department. However, to fulfill the need for an alternative science elective for Criminal Justice majors, a team-taught Introductory Forensic Science course was developed at Monroe Community College (MCC) by Mary DiSano (Chemistry/Geosciences Department) and Dr. Maryann Marino (Biology Department). The course was first taught in the Spring semester of 2006 and continues to be offered. To prepare for this course both instructors enrolled in and completed the week long Forensic Science workshop given by Dr. Lawrence Kaplan through the Center for Workshops in the Chemical Sciences (CWCS). The workshop, held in the summer of 2005, provided the initial training in many aspects of Forensic Science needed by both instructors in order to develop accurate and interesting lectures and laboratory activities. Dr. Kaplan