Beyond the goat room: 7 years and counting


Michael Pugh



 After attending a June 2005 NSF sponsored Chemistry Collaborations, Workshops and Communities of Scholars (cCWCS) forensic science workshop at Williams College a 3-credit (1-hour lecture, 3-hour laboratory) Introduction to Forensic Science (CHEM 105) was developed as a general education Group C (Science and Math) component for non-science majors. Further development of the course took place after attending a June 2009 cCWCS advanced forensic science workshop. In the laboratory students analyze sealed, packaged evidence from various mock crime scenes and report their results to the crime lab director/instructor with recommendations as to whether there is enough evidence to connect suspects to the crime scene. The profile of students taking the course and the course logistics including lecture topics, descriptions of mock crime scenes, the experiments, and the problems that arise will be presented.

Running order: