FSS and cCWCS at BCCE, summer ' 12

cCWCS mini-workshop on Forensic Chemistry dealing with ballistic analysis, drug detection, fingerprinting, and detection of alcohol in breath and saliva.

More details on the forensics miniworkshop

cCWCS Symposium - 20 presentations featuring alumni of cCWCS workshops making presentations on how they have used materials from the workshops in their own teaching.

More details on forensics presentations in the cCWCS symposium


Additional cCWCS mini-workshops
Workshops on:

  •       Food Chemistry
  •       Chemistry in Art
  •       Computational Chemistry

Other presentations

  •       Faculty communities of Scholars and Mentoring
  •       The impact of Forensics Workshops
  •       Web-based communities
  •       Food Chemistry

 Please visit the cCWCS team at the General Poster session.